Original, previously unpublished articles and other contributions, in the Russian language, compatible with the theme and genre scope of Russkaya Literatura, are considered for publication.
The contributions are to be forwarded to the Editorial Office by email, in WinWORD (*.doc) format.
The email address is: rusliter@mail.ru
The contribution is to be accompanied by the following metadata:
*  given name, patronymic (if applicable), family name in full in the Russian and English languages, using the LC transliteration system (The Library of Congress; see: https://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/roman.html);
*  affiliation in the Russian and English languages;
*  email address (NB: it will be made available for the general public!);
*  the title of the contribution in the Russian and English languages;
*  the summary, 300 to 500 characters (including spaces) in the Russian and English languages;
*  no less that 5 key words in the Russian and English languages;
*  bibliography in alphabetical order, as well as the transliterated version using the LC system;
*  information on any grants supporting the research.

All the contributions submitted to the Editorial Office are to be reviewed.
The reviewers are the members of the Editorial Council and the Editorial Board, as well as the invited experts.
All the work on the contributions prior to the publication is confidential.
The articles are not to exceed 40,000 characters (including spaces), the reviews 20,000 characters (including spaces), the meeting abstracts 7,000 characters (including spaces).
The whole text, including the notes, is to be in Times New Roman font (size 14, line space 1,5). Indentation 1,27, margins: left 3 cm, right 1,5 cm, top and bottom 2 cm. No hyphenation.
All the additional fonts used, if any, are to be submitted to the Editorial Office.
Any bibliographical info is to be placed in footnotes. Footnotes are to be automatic, with consecutive numbering, Arabic numbers only. The footnote sign is to be placed after the punctuation mark.
Archival data can be published as an addendum to the article (to be separated from the main body of the text by page break and the word Addendum typed at the right margin). In the Addendum, endnotes are to be used for each document. The textual preamble to the contribution is to reflect: the type of document (handwritten or copied/typed; draft/fair copy), the archival address of the source, the principles of the rendition of the text.
The reviews are to have the author’s title, and a special footnote, with an asterisk, that provides the full bibliographical description of the book in question, citing the name of the publisher and the number of pages.
The data on the funding of the research is to be provided in the same kind of footnote, with the asterisk sign. Acknowledgements etc. can be made either in the footnotes or in the preamble.
The bibliography is to include, in alphabetical order, the academic editions of the works of Russian literature, monographs, research books, articles published in periodicals, symposiums etc.; links to archives are not cited. Page numbers are not given in bibliography.