This section contains links to electronic and printed publications, bibliographic and full-text databases created by the participants of the conferences «Children’s Readings» (SPbGUKI; 1999-2008), seminars «Children’s Seminar» (IRLI (Pushkin House) RAS; 2013 to the present) and devoted to the most diverse aspects of the study of children’s literature and children’s reading.

Corpus of Russian-language prose for children and youth of the XX−XXI centuries | DetCorpus (the total volume of the corpus is 47 million words). Alpha version of the infrastructure storage solution, automatic text annotations, and an accessible online interface for searching the corpus.

Bibliograficheskiy ukazatel’ statey «Kritika detskoy literatury: 1864−1934 gody» [Bibliographic index of critical publications «Children’s literature criticism,» 1864−1934] / comp .: A.F. Belousov, O. A. Luchkina, I. A. Sergienko, V. V. Golovin, S. G. Maslinskaya. − The bibliographic index was prepared with the support of a grant 15-06-10359 from the Russian Foundation for Humanities «Education of a new reader: a literature for children in pedagogical criticism and censorship (1864-1934)»

«Ubit’ Charskuyu…» Paradoksy sovetskoy literatury dlya detey (1920-ye — 1930-ye gg.) / comp. M. Balina, V. Vyugin. Saint Petersburg, 2013.

The book contains articles by the participants of the seminar «“Kill Charskaya…”: Ethical and Poetic Paradoxes of Soviet Creativity for Children (the 20s−30s)», held at Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) Russian Academy of Sciences and Illinois Wesleyan University (USA) in 2009. It includes the following sections: «General problems,» «From prehistory to history,» «Topos and genres,» «Non-children’s writers for children’s literature,» «Children’s literature: historical anthropology and media aspects of study.»

Konstruiruya detskoye: filologiya, istoriya, antropologiya / comp. M. Balina, V. Bezrogov, S. Maslinskaya, K. Maslinsky, M. Tendryakova, S. Sheridan. Moscow, St. Petersburg, 2011.

«Constructing the “Children’s”: Philology, History, Anthropology» is based on the colloquium «Childhood and Globalization» (2010, Bloomington and Normal, USA) and the conference «Transforming childhood: discourses and practices» (2011, Moscow and St. Petersburg). The book includes articles and reports on the theoretical problems of childhood culture and children’s literature of the 19th − early 20th centuries.

Detskiy sbornik: stat’i po detskoy literature i antropologii detstva / Russian State University for the Humanities. Seminar «Folklore / post-folklore: structure, typology, semiotics»; comp. E. Kuleshov, I. Antipova. Moscow, 2003.

«Children’s Collection: Articles on Children’s Literature and Anthropology» of Childhood is based on the material of three international conferences «Children’s Readings,» 1999−2001. the book presents the history of children’s literature and anthropology of childhood in a socio-cultural context: research on the history of children’s books and Soviet literature for children, articles on the origin of pioneer rituals and the cult of Santa Claus.

Uchebnyy tekst v sovetskoy shkole: sbornik statey [: Collection of Articles] / comp.: S. Leontyeva, K. Maslinsky. St. Petersburg, 2008.

Beginning in the 1930s, the Soviet general education school became the only social institution through which every Soviet child, and, accordingly, every Soviet person passed through. However, in studies of the culture of Soviet everyday life, this topic remained almost unnoticed. In «Educational Text in the Soviet School» we aimed to fill this lacuna.