Sources of Russian Hagiography, The Catalogue

The project is carried by the Department of Old Russian Literature of IRLI in collaboration with Saint Petersburg company «Arcadia». The project is supervised by Doctor of Philology N.V.Ponyrko.

 The present data base on Russian hagiography is founded on the entire study of the Petersburg’s manuscript collections considering all copies of hagiographic and hymnography works devoted to Russian saints (we also take into account information about Russian saints that can be found in the monuments of business writing). Creation of the Catalogue will allow in the future undertaking the scholarly edition of the complete corpus of Russian hagiography.

At present we are working on annotating the manuscript collections of the Library of the Academy of Sciences, the Russian National Library, the Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Russian Literature. The Catalogue is a data base with scholarly annotations that identify a code of a manuscript, a title of a monument and its self-name, incipiencies. In the annotation we take into account that Old Russian manuscript tradition is characteristic with several variations of a title and beginning, so that all copies of the same monument notwithstanding their particular differences would fall into one rubric.

We are still in the process of working on the Catalogue. Now it contains over 1000 entries-annotations. On the present page the authors of the project describe Pinezhskoe and Severodvinskoe IRLI collections.