Boris Lvovich Modzalevsky (1874 - 1928)

Boris Lvovich Modzalevsky was born on April, 20th, 1874, in Tiphlis (Tbilisi) where his father Lev Nikolaevich, a tutor and a writer, the author of “Essays on history of up-bringing and education” worked at that time. Boris Lvovich received his school education at the 2nd Gymnasium of St. Petersburg and his higher education in St. Petersburg University where he graduated in 1898 with a first degree diploma. In the same year B. L. Modzalevsky started his career first in the Departments Chancellery of Empress Maria and then was appointed at the State Chancellery with a studies scholarship in the Archives of the State Council. In April 1899 B. L. Modzalevsky was invited for work by the Academy of Sciences. Primarily Boris Lvovich was admitted to the Conference Chancellery, however, he was initially free of any Chancellery duties as he was in charge of organizing Pushkin’s anniversary exhibition and conducting it. Remaining in the Chancellery, in September 1907 he was invited to manage the Conference Archives by the permanent secretary of the Academy Academician S. F. Oldenburg, and on September, 1st, 1912, with the introduction of new vacancies in the Academy, was elected for the new appointment of the Conference Archives head. During his work in the Academy he was a member and secretary of the Committee for Pushkin’s works publishing and an editor of the “Pushkin and his contemporaries” edition, as well as a member of academic commissions: of publishing the Academic Collection of Russian writers, of publishing Turgenev’s files, of erecting a monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg; a member and a secretary of commission for organizing the exhibition “Lomonosov and Elizabethian time”, member of commissions for organizing the exhibitions: in the memory of I. S. Turgenev (for which he was awarded with a Golden Pushkin medal by the Russian Language Department) and A. V. Koltsov.

On December, 29th, 1918 B. L. Modzalevsky was elected a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian language and literature department, according to recommendations of Academicians A. A. Shakhmatov and N. A. Kotliarevsky.

On July, 1st, 1919 B. L. Modzalevsky was elected the Senior Archivist of the Pushkin House, the Russian Academy of Sciences. He played the main role in the foundation of this institution from the primary ideas of its creation. From October 1922 till February 1924 he fulfilled the duties of the Pushkin House Director. During his being the Senior Archivist B. L. Modzalevsky keenly participated in the exhibitions organized by the Pushkin House, such as: “F. M. Dostoevsky”, “N. A. Nekrasov”, “Pushkin and his contemporaries”, “A. A. Grigoryev”, “The forties in Russian literature”, “Pushkin’s book” and others. Modzalevsky also acted as the editor-in-chief and participant of all the numerous issues of “Pushkin House Works” and a leader of all the scientific work in the Pushkin House.

B. L. Modzalevsky’s scholar and literary merits were gratified with his election to many scientific societies. Therefore he was a member of Russian Historic Society, Society of History Adherents, Historic and Genealogy Society, founding member and member of Russian Archivists Council, Council of Turgenev’s Society, Council of Tolstoy’s Museum Society, an honorary member of Pskov District Archivists Committee, life member of Vladimir District Archivists Committee, member of Vitebsk, Viatka, Riazan’, Stavropol, Tavricheskaia and Tulskaya District Archivists Committees, member and collaborator of Russian Genealogy Society and Pushkin Museum Society, a Corresponding Member of Moscow Archeological Society.


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