Department of New Russian Literature

Department of New Russian Literature is the biggest and the most complex Department of pushkinskij Dom. The Department researches the history of Russian literature of XVIII, XIX abd beginning of XX centuries, carries out theoretical, source, textual and bibliographic studies.

The Department includes the following research groups:

Department (group) of the study of Russian Literature of the XVIII century - 30 декабря 2005 г.
Department (previously Group) of the study of Russian literature of the XVIII century at the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) exists since 1934 (the first organizational meeting was held on February 20, 1934). It was founded by academician A. S. Orlov, professors P. N. Berkov and G. A. Gukovskij. Researches from different academic institutions of Leningrad (Petersburg), Moscow and other cities, post-graduate and undergraduate students contributed to the activities of the Group.  подробнее...